@gueorgui @amdt I bought this keyboard a few months ago, with _extremely_ clicky switches, blank keycaps, flashed a dvorak layout onto it, typing heaven, hell for anyone who happens to be nearby.

@jiojio why is it that graph paper seems to be the best place for ideas

@jiojio it’s the ruffle pizza! You know, like those crisps with the ridges… get more flavour in there

New Friends today, from left to right:

Humpty dumpty
Kaku (grandmas cat)
Little Totoro
Yak poo

mid afternoon sun
and last evening’s pots and pans
weariness and wear

@olya @yu I love sites like these, it's more like a page pulled from someone's journal than a website. Also, they have a clip from Tampopo on there bread-on.earth/How-to-Eat-Rame which is a film you've got to see if you haven't already

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"The driver indicated that the cherry bonbons had been on sale the previous week, and that these were ‘very tasty!’" police said. "He stated that he had had more than one box of the cherry bonbons.”

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@robin It's that there's kind of no escape from the topic. You look online, it's all there is. You look outside, you remember it.

Looking forward to when this ends and living the exact same way in PEACE

@gueorgui Everyone knows at least two people, and are probably acquainted with one other. It'd make me really happy if a space like this could create new connections between people I know. I'm growing the group very slowly to keep tabs on this mix (five people so far).

@gueorgui With everyone stuck indoors, it's not a hard sell! I think it helps that it's a website and not an app. The private aspect also seems to really appeal. And right now I've only invited close friends, so there's an element of trust too.

@gueorgui In terms of ease of onboarding and familiarity, Mastodon kind of blows away other decentralised social media I’ve used. It’s very impressive.

@gueorgui Likewise! While we’re all stuck indoors I thought I’d spin up an instance that allows local only posting so that I could start a little closed village with my friends. But still have access to the wider fediverse, so... this is working out!

@jiojio welcome to the club! Right now we're a small treehouse club, but a group of very different people which makes me happy. The 'Local' tab shows posts from other people on this server who you don't follow yet, like @yu !

"The main task, though, is to keep it all – all these things I’ve been talking about today: the making-up part, the writing-down part, the formal patterns, the theme (once you know what that is), the right place to put the camera, the stance towards the characters, all that – to keep them all roughly in balance. In a novel, you never succeed, actually. If you want to write something perfect, go for a haiku." (Philip Pullman and Simon Mason, Daemon Voices)

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