New Friends today, from left to right:

Humpty dumpty
Kaku (grandmas cat)
Little Totoro
Yak poo

mid afternoon sun
and last evening’s pots and pans
weariness and wear

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"The driver indicated that the cherry bonbons had been on sale the previous week, and that these were ‘very tasty!’" police said. "He stated that he had had more than one box of the cherry bonbons.”

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"The main task, though, is to keep it all – all these things I’ve been talking about today: the making-up part, the writing-down part, the formal patterns, the theme (once you know what that is), the right place to put the camera, the stance towards the characters, all that – to keep them all roughly in balance. In a novel, you never succeed, actually. If you want to write something perfect, go for a haiku." (Philip Pullman and Simon Mason, Daemon Voices)

Was watching a stream the other night that was showing Family Disk System boxart in the corner, and I really love how they look...

A bit weirded out by how busy the beach was though. Decided to cycle down the nearby high street to see what it was like, as busy as normal. People coughing and walking closely together. Good grief.

Deep in the Toto zone. Used to only resort to this about once a week but the reality of the situation is sinking in. Just got back from the beach so not feeling too bad about it.

A place for friends stuck inside.